Clifton School

Caring Brings Success

Early years


Within the Early Years our focus is to lay firm foundations for life-long learning by creating and embedding a positive attitude to learning. Our aim is to develop the young child’s confidence, self-esteem and independence enabling them to explore, investigate and discover the world around them.


Our philosophy is to provide a specialist learning environment which promotes a therapeutic and holistic approach to teaching and learning fostering a commitment to developing each child’s capacity for social, intellectual, physical and emotional growth. Within a safe and secure environment, our pupils learn happily and effectively according to their individual needs.


In the Early Years our purpose is to provide each child with the experiences, opportunities, skills, strategies and therapies necessary to understand and make connections with the world they live in, form relationships and communicate with others in order to feel good about themselves, realise their full potential and be able to find a meaningful role in society. Every child accesses the curriculum through their individual education plan designed to meet their needs and develop their learning.

Our curriculum enables children to develop a range of skills and build concepts through   active learning, experiences and opportunities in the areas of Language and Literacy, Mathematical Development, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Creative and Expressive Development, Physical Development and Personal and Social Development.