Clifton School

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Multi-Disciplinary Department 


The focus of these classes is to provide an enriched sensory curriculum with sensory motor programmes through very specific teaching and learning strategies and programmes that will meet the very complex and specific individual needs and well-being of each child.

  • This curriculum provides assessment, progression, continuity and age appropriate learning experiences through programmes developing and maintaining: health and well-being, sensory development, motor skills, communication, ICT and personal & social skills


  • Alongside these programmes, teachers work in collaboration with parents and with a multi-disciplinary team to provide individual therapies and support for each child.   


  •  The team works together to address each child’s needs when setting, monitoring, and assessing targets.


 During classes, each child’s individual programme includes a wide range of sensory motor activities and sensory stimulation designed to awaken and develop the senses develop gross motor skills and to maintain & develop health & well-being. Individual programmes also include Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.


This enriched sensory curriculum is delivered through a wide range of multi-sensory experiences and opportunities enabling children to engage and interact with staff and their environment to develop awareness, understanding and knowledge of the world around them.    


Communication is developed through body language, gesture, vocalisations, visual systems and ICT. Children are encouraged to make their needs known and to make choices. Communication is further enhanced through whole school activities and visits to other classes throughout the school.

7s and 1s where looking after the fairies today providing new stones for them to enjoy!

Take at look at some of our activities in the Department!