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Child Protection

The concept of pastoral care runs through all the strands of Clifton School.  All members of staff, operating within the Staff Code of Conduct, have a pastoral responsibility towards the children in their care and take all reasonable steps to ensure their welfare is safeguarded and their safety preserved.

We work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the safety of our pupils is of paramount consideration. This includes: Social Services, PSNI, Speech and Language Therapists, Parents, Occupational Therapists and Health Professionals.


 Our Child Protection policy is available from the school office should you wish to read.

 Pastoral Care and RSE Policy

The Personal Development component of the NI Revised Curriculum is used to address pastoral care issues through class teaching and extra curricular activities. In addition, the Pastoral Care system outlined in the Pastoral Care Policy allows other discreet issues to be addressed through partnerships with parents and other agencies.

Our RSE policy is available from the school office should you wish to read


Anti-Bullying and Positive Behaviour Policy

The welfare of our pupils is paramount in our daily activities at Clifton School. All pupils are treated with the utmost care and respect. We have a caring and respectful environment where all pupils are treated with dignity and individuality. Should an incident arise we take this very seriously and work with pupils, staff and parents to resolve as quickly and effectively as possible.


Our Anti-Bullying and Positive Behaviour policy is available from the school office should you wish to read

Pupil Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy

Our Student Council have launched their pupil friendly Anti-Bullying Policy.  They have placed a lot of hard work into Council meetings devising our new flyer. 

The Curriculum 

At Clifton the curriculum is broad and balanced with a strong creative and technological focus. Below is a list of the curriculum policies that are available and that are aimed to enrich our childrens learning.


Using ICT Policy

Mathematics Policy

Language and Literacy Policy

Music Policy

Art & Design Policy

Drama Policy

Environment & Society Policy

PDMU Policy

The Entitlement Framework


To view any of these policies please contact us


Full outline of the Curriculum requirements is stated on the CCEA Website:


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