Clifton School

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School Uniform


If you think you may be entitled to Free School Uniform, the application form is available on the EA website:

or ask in the School Office.


Nursery → Year 12:

  • Grey skirt/pinafore or grey trousers
  • White blouse/shirt or white polo shirt
  • Royal blue sweatshirt (with school badge)
  • Grey socks
  • Black Shoes
  • (Nursery pupils – may wear royal blue/navy track bottoms and trainers if so desired)


Year 13 and above:

  • Plain white shirt/white polo shirt with school logo
  • Navy jumper with school logo
  • School tie – clip on
  • Grey trousers/grey skirt
  • Navy school blazer with school logo (optional)
  • Grey knee high socks for girls
  • Grey/black socks for boys


 Please attach a name tag to every item.



Please note that the uniform can be purchased at  Signature Schools Unit 16, 8 Balloo Drive, BANGOR, BT19 7QY



or Roberts School Wear, 24 Central Avenue, Bangor.